Fox Tail Butt Plug by Miles Long

fox tail anal plugIf you’re in a fun, frisky and foxy kind of mood, a fox tail butt plug might be just what you need. Slender enough for a beginner, yet full enough to satisfy a butt plug connoisseur, the beautiful and bushy foxtail is a wonderful added bonus guaranteed to bring a sense of fun and play to your love life.

When my boyfriend first brought me home the gift of a butt plug with a tail on it, I admit I told him he was crazy if he thought I would ever wear that thing.

He smiled and told me that he just thought I should have one, since I was his foxy chick. I made some comment about how corny he was and put that toy away in my “forget about it” drawer.

But I couldn’t forget about it. I kept wondering how it would feel to wear it and feel all that softness hanging against my skin. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on until finally, I had to give it a try.

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I surprised my man in bed one night. I took a little time to get ready, worked the tail into place, and waited for him, feeling more excited than ever. Without going into details, I will just say that he was very pleased! I was too. I had no idea how much that tail would bring out the raw sexual animal in me while bringing out the imagination in us both. Even when not in, the fox tail butt plug is a lot of fun. The soft furry feel of it is quite wonderful against sensitive skin, especially when blindfolded. I admit that I thought he’d lost his mind at first, but it turns out he knew what he was doing. He hit this gift right out of the park!

Cat Tail Butt Plug – Award Winning Butt Plug

Awesome Cat Tail Anal PlugsIf you’re looking to get in touch with the seductive kitty – or the dirty alley cat – deep down in your soul, the cat tail butt plug is the toy for you! The butt plug is long and slender, giving you that “filled up” feeling without stretching you out uncomfortably. This makes it equally as fulfilling for a beginner as for someone more seasoned in anal play. The cat tail attached awakens the imagination with its length, flexibility, and seductive softness.

I love to be my girl’s special pet kitty. My tail is long and luxurious and really puts me in the mood to purr. It’s like I can almost feel my body become more feline and slinky in response to my tail – really bringing out this graceful, playful, seductive side in me.

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Since buying this adult toy, my inner cat has been allowed to be expressed more. I even specially modified my very favorite lace cat suit – sewing in an opening for my tail. Now when my girlfriend walks in the door and finds me in my pet suit, tail inserted and nails long and painted red, she knows she’d better spend the evening worshiping Kitty Cat properly or he might get scratched. If she does right by me, petting me luxuriously, feeding me delectable goodies, and performing other much more personal favors for me that make me purr, my kitty self has wonderful ways of worshiping her right back! Without going into details, I know this trick with my old fox tail plug and my tongue that would make a sailor blush. We all know how affectionate kitties can be – and how dangerous if you make them angry. What a delicious and sexy sense of power that is! And you think alley cats get loud during sex? They don’t hold a candle to me – especially when I’m wearing my tail.

Cat butt plug