Fox tail butt plug might be just what you need if you are in a fun, frisky and foxy kind of mood. These butt plugs are awesome toys for those new to the idea of adult toys and for those who already have a collection. My boyfriend and I belong to the second kind of couples, new to the idea of toys.

When our friends talk about their new adult toy purchase, I was interested to hear about them especially the pros and cons, but have never really tried using any. I am not exactly the adventurous type and listening to my friends talk about their role playing games in the bedroom, I thought it was just a lot of work. I didn’t think I’d have too much fun with these kinds of toys for couples.

But luckily, I was proven wrong. I never thought I’d have so much fun during intimate moments with my boyfriend with the help of adult toys. My boyfriend was more than happy to prove it to me and he took it upon himself to get us our first Crystal Minx fox tail butt plug.


fox tail butt plug

The fox tail butt plug that he bought especially to surprise me, was slender enough for a beginner, yet full enough to satisfy a tail butt plug connoisseur. When my boyfriend showed it to me and explained how we were supposed to use it, I told him he was crazy if he thought I would ever wear that thing.

He smiled and told me that he just thought I should have one, since I was his foxy chick. I chuckled at the line, made some comments about how corny he was and  put three fox tail butt plugs away in my “forget about it” drawer. But the truth was, I couldn’t forget about it. I kept wondering how it would feel to wear it and feel all that softness hanging against my skin. The faux fox tail plug was so enticing and it made me so curious that I even read up about it.

animal tail butt plug

This type of butt plug is made of high quality, body-friendly Borosilicate glass. It is cool to the touch, but can also be warmed up. The plug is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants and it was a good thing we had water-based lube.

It was safe to use, especially with solid, yet thin neck and a flange base. It helps ensure that the toy will stay where it is supposed to. The fox tail butt plugs come in different fox and coyote varieties. Now, I really wanted to see for myself what all the buzz about these fox tail anal plugs are about.

The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on until finally, I had to give it a try. I decided to surprise my man in bed one night. We went about dinner which I especially prepared myself and when it was time to go upstairs to the bedroom, I went straight into the bathroom, threw my dress off determined to give this a try. I took a little time to get ready, worked the fox tail butt plug into place with a little lube. I was feeling more excited than ever. I left the bathroom and strut my stuff for my man who looked up from his laptop and smiled naughtily. He put his work aside and without going into details, I will just say that he was very pleased!

tail butt plugsI wish I had taken a picture of his facial reaction. It instantly got me in the mood and I knew that once he sees me wearing the faux fox tail butt plugs, he’d be as well. I came out of the bathroom wearing the tail and I kind of walked around our room and wagged it a little. Seeing him ball his hand into a fist and bite on it to avoid hooting made me laugh, but inside I felt all glowing. It was so much fun! The beautiful and bushy fox tail butt plug took me arousement level to a whole new height. It is guaranteed to bring a sense of fun and play to your love life.

I had no idea how much that tail would bring out the raw sexual animal in me while bringing out the imagination in us both. I know how some couples are into animal role playing, while some are into bondage and blindfolds. Thanks to the furry tail, we were able to try out some of the games we’ve read and heard about and found it absolutely pleasurable.

Another fun part about this product is that there were times that I forgot all about the tail I had on. It gave me a thrill whenever I would be reminded by it brushing against the sensitive part of my thighs. The sensation of the soft fur against my skin was just playfully teasing. It made me feel hotter and more aggressive. We had so much fun with this particular fox tail butt plug.

Even when I wasn’t wearing it, the fox tail butt plug was just a load of fun and excitement. The soft furry feel of it is quite wonderful against sensitive skin, especially when I was blindfolded and with my boyfriend running it all over me slowly, gently and softly. Such a turn on! I did the same to him when I had my turn with the tail again. I especially loved his reaction when I ran the fur against his neck and his sculpted chest, he squirmed and groaned and I knew I had him in the palm of my hand. You know we’re going to do it again!

I admit that I thought he’d lost his mind at first, but it turns out he knew what he was doing. Now we’re both reading up on ways to spice up our intimate moments using the animal tail butt plug and its soft furry. Enjoying the time I had it on and off as we used it in our games. And who knows, we might even try different other adult toys to spice up our bedroom activities, yes activities since we’re going to do it more often and I look forward to it eagerly. I must say that the fox tail butt plug was a sensational hit!

fox tail anal plug